Mermaid Waivers + Paperwork

Remember: Swimmers MUST be able to complete the minimum swim requirements in order to participate in a mermaid party. No exceptions are allowed as it is a safety hazard.

For swimmers UNDER the age of 18 (form must be filled out by a parent/guardian):Β Under 18 Waiver

For swimmers OVER the age of 18: Over 18 Waiver

For ALL guests, both mermaids and humans alike: Covid Waiver

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

Optional Add-Ons

Want to enhance your mermaid experience? Choose from these optional add onsΒ 

Option A: Have a real-life mermaid join us for pictures! The Magic Crafter (Mermaid Phantom) wears a hyper-realistic mermaid tail and can do photos on land or in water. *Based on schedule & availability. Please call or email fur further information.Β 


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