Meet the Queen of the Mermaids

Hello! My name is Whitney Miller and I am the founder and owner of TC Mermaid, LLC. I am an independent aquatic based business bringing the joy of swimming to all ages. I specialize in customizing swim lessons based on individual needs and bring with me over 20 years of experience. I formed TC Mermaid LLC while living in Traverse City, Michigan, but am now operating in Eastern North Carolina (specifically Washington & Bath).

I have been swimming before I could walk. No, really! I would crawl away from my Mom, dunk over the side of the pool, scare the daylights out of everyone, and pop up laughing. I joined the local summer swim team at 4, and the year round/USS Swim team at 6. I swam every event but specialized in the 200Y Free, 200M free, and 100Y/M butterfly. At the age of 12 I was ranked number 7 in the US for the 200M Freestyle. 

I began teaching as an assistant instructor at the age of 14 and have taught swimming for over 18 years with various programs including Swim America, Red Cross and the YMCA. I worked with the GTBay YMCA as a swim instructor from 2015-2020, was the Y’s mermaid instructor for 2017-2018, and Coached the GT Bay YMCA Breakers swim team from 2017-2020, which is also a USA certified swim team. I love teaching special needs and differently-abled swim lessons, but can teach any age and any ability. I believe that everyone has the capability to swim, we just have to unlock your skills.

I earned my BS in Criminal Justice (2005) and served in the United States Army Military Police Corps from 2005-2008. My time in the military taught me to embrace human diversity while working toward common goals.  I currently have certifications in: ISR Self-Rescue Lessons, American Red Cross Lifeguarding, CPR, & First Aid Instructor, Babysitting Instructor  Lifeguarding, Certified Pool Operator (CPO), Safe Sport (US Center for Safe Sport), and a few other odds and ends.


Why Mermaid Tails and Swim Lessons?

I saw a need for teaching people how to swim safely and swim smartly while using a Mermaid tail. I want to get ahead of the wave and promote safety while still having fun. I loves seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces and hearing the laughter of “kids” age 6-90 as they transform into a Mermaid or Merman. My goal is for lessons/parties to be totally inclusive, if you aren’t sure if you or or child can participate, email me and let me know the challenge; I may have a solution. 

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