Who is TC Mermaid?

Hello! My name is Whitney Miller and I am the founder and owner of TC Mermaid, LLC. I am an independent aquatic based business bringing the joy of swimming to all ages. I specialize in customizing swim lessons based on individual needs and bring with me over 20 years of experience. I formed TC Mermaid LLC while living in Traverse City, Michigan, but am now operating in Eastern North Carolina (specifically Bath). I

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ISR Self-Rescue Lessons vs Traditional Swim Lessons 

While they may seem fun and stimulating for your baby, after 20 years of teaching “traditional” swimming lessons for children under 6, I have learned that they can lead children to have a false sense of security around water. Things like blowing bubbles are fun skills to practice, but they will not help your child in an aquatic emergency.

This is why I became a certified Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) Instructor. The methodology of this program allows  your child to learn to survive should they find themselves in an aquatic emergency. It is such a proven program that I will never go back to traditional lessons for under 6 again!



Learn more at infantswim.com

Let’s be Mermaids (or Mermen)!

Are you or your participants 6 or older (YES that includes adults)?

Can you float 10 seconds, tread 20 seconds, swim 15 yards, all in deep water with no help and no flotation (minimum swim requirements)?

Do you want to unleash your imagination as you learn to propel yourself through the water using a special fin and “skin” (aka mermaid tail), learn tricks like tail slaps, and have some plain old FUN?

Are you in Eastern North Carolina?

If you said YES to all of the above, you are ready to book a private mermaid party at your pool!  Up to 8 swimmers can learn how to be mer-people at a time 🙂 

Having fun at Liv Arbors Apartments in Traverse City

Always be yourself! Unless you can be a Mermaid, then always be a Mermaid!
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