Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question for TC Mermaid? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions below to see if you can find an answer! Click on a question to expand each answer.

No special equipment is needed: We supply the mermaid tails to use and you bring your swimsuit, goggles, towel, and a smile  

Participants must be 6 or older, able to follow basic instructions, and pass the minimum swim requirements.

The TC Mermaid team is a group of instructors that are independent and do not follow a specific program. We focus first and foremost on water safety/self-rescue, followed by stroke development, and finally open water safety. We use several techniques and past experiences to create a customized lesson based on individual needs.

We strongly recommend standard goggles that only cover the eyes. Any masks that cover the nose prohibit a proper exhalation under the water and may cause your swimmer to struggle later in life with water up the nose. It’s better to learn now than never! 

If you are thinking about a mermaid party, private mermaid lesson, or traditional swim lessons for you or someone else, you can use any contact method to reach out to the owner, Whitney Miller. 

Parties and lessons are booked based on available pool space, scheduling, and instructor availability. We strive to accommodate everyone!

Phone: 757-287-9630


TC Mermaid is a unique business in that WE can come to YOU! If you have a pool and would like lessons at your own home, we can do that. We also now have our own pool so that you can come to us if you’d like. All instructors are insured for pool lessons. 

Traverse City is a beautiful place with a lot of open water. If you would prefer your lesson(s) to be open water (i.e. lakes or the bay), individual instructors may be able to accommodate that. However, please be aware that this does NOT fall within the insurance or licensing as set by the state. 

Sometimes yes and sometimes no. There are many variables that go in to each swimmer’s learning. We want to enhance that. Some siblings need to be separated. Some need to be together. Age can be a major role player in this decision as well. We treat every situation as unique and want to know a little more about your children before we decide the best course of action for them. And as always, we are happy to be fluid with those decisions as best as we can be. Your children’s needs come first! 

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