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Do you dream of being a Mermaid? 

Born out of the love of swimming, mermaid parties are designed to teach participants to swim like mermaids or mermen while remaining safe in the water. You get to unleash your imagination as you learn to propel yourself through the water using a special fin and “skin” (aka mermaid tail), learn tricks like tail slaps, and have some plain old FUN! 

A Mermaid tail is like swimming in a single leg leotard: easy to find yourself in a situation that is difficult to get out of.  TC Mermaid will teach Mermaids and Mermen how to control the tail,  swim responsibly with other Mer-creatures, and “swim with the fishes”, all while having fun. 

No special equipment is needed: we supply the mermaid tails to use and you bring your smiles, goggles, suit, and towel. 

Mermaid tails are for swimmers age 6 or over. YES that includes adults!

All swimmers are monitored by owner Whitney Miller who is in the water (with her human feet) during class/party time to ensure the safety of every swimmer. 

Swimmers MUST be able to complete the minimum swim requirements: Float front AND back for 10 seconds, tread for 20 seconds, and swim 15 yards, ALL in deep water and unassisted (NO FLOATIES OR LIFE JACKETS).

Pick your Party 

1.5 hour Celebration


  • Introduction: Learn skills and maneuvers unique to mermaids while still wearing your human legs.
  • Instruction: Transform from your human form to that of a mermaid using a monofin and mermaid skin.
  • Enjoy free time to try out your new “skin”
  • Goodie Bags
  • Photo opportunities with props, table decorations, and balloons

2 hour Extravaganza


1.5 Hour Mermaid event, PLUS

  • WAY more free time
  • Guided games
  • Raffle prizes

Maximum of 8 persons per event | Pricing does NOT include applicable pool rental fees, call for information.

Bring swim suit, towel, goggles, and hair ties.


Licensed and insured for any pool: Yours, ours (TCM Pool July and August), or Traverse Golf and Country Club. We can no longer operate at the YMCA or GT Resort due to limitations. Sorry, we cannot host mermaid parties in open water.

For reservations

$50 non-refundable deposit required to reserve a date | Call or email for scheduling.

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