Founding Principles


We love swimmers of all abilities because everyone CAN swim. It doesn't matter to us about your background, gender, heritage, physical abilities, learning differences, or hair color. We love you all!
(Plus, our hair color may change on a daily basis)

Water Safety

Water is the great equalizer: no matter how small you are, or how (un)graceful you are on land, we are all equal in the water. Even "expert" swimmers are at risk of drowning, which means our priority is to teach you to be safe in the water above all else.

Team environment

Our team isn't just our instructors. It includes the swimmer. And the parents. And the grandparents. And babysitters. Sometimes it includes a child's doctors. We welcome everyone to be a part of their swimmer's team to ensure a happy, healthy, inclusive environment that promotes Courage, Strength, and Resiliency.


This means for ALL people at ALL TIMES, no matter what. We are in this together and you will be treated as such!


That's right--swimming and learning should be FUN! An engaged swimmer is a safe swimmer and possibly a lifelong swimmer. Who knows--they may become an instructor or coach one day :)


Understanding a swimmer's goals, history,Β  strengths, and weaknesses helps us understand them as a human, no matter the age.
We honor that person and work with their personalities to achieve the greatness that is already within them.

Bodily Integrity

Your body is your temple! Swim lessons are quite an intimate experience. Our instructors take care to ASK before holding or touching a swimmer. And we encourage honesty!
Our variety of skills and training allows us to be adaptable for everyone's preferences. You should only be held/touched when YOU allow it (keeping safety in mind).

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