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Building Courage, Strength, and Resiliency

TC Mermaid LLC is an independent swim program specializing in customizing lessons based on individual needs. Traditionally this is through private lessons.

That being said, we also offer small group lessons (never more than 4 swimmers) and follow a skills guideline developed over several decades through collaborative efforts. Instructors use this as a general guideline but may customize their lessons based on the safety or skill level of their swimmers(s). Many thanks to Amanda Colyer, Elizabeth Ashwill, Carissa Eitzen, Natalia Chela, and all coaches/instructors past and present for their assistance in creating this.

If you feel your younger child (age 3) is ready for a private lesson, please reach out via email to discuss options.Β 

The skills guideline below is the sole property of TC Mermaid, LLC and is copyright pending. It may not be used, reproduced, or shared in any fashion by any other entity for any purpose. (Mrs. Whitney says make your own!)

Little Squirts: Ages 3 months through 4 years

*Parents are in the water with their child*Β 
*This class may have up to 6 swimmers*
We do not require vaccinations for any of our lessons but do ask that we make sure a young child’s immune system is healthy and their skin can adapt to a chlorinated aquatic environment before starting this class. We want them to start healthy and stay healthy!

This class is designed as an introductory class for parents/guardians and their children. Children MUST wear a swim diaper unless FULLY potty trained.
Skills focus: Getting in the water, bubbles, kicking, going under water, monkey crawls, climbing out, jumping in, glides, front floats, and back floats.
Extra Credit: This portion is exclusive to TC Mermaid! We help train parents to swim with and rescue their child in deep water. It encompasses all of the information covered in our Aquatic Safety for Parents & Caregivers course.Β 
Required to Pass: Potty trained, comfortable without a parent in the water, listens to directions.

Bubbles 1: Fearful of the water, Ages 4 through 6 years

This is the first class in which a parent is not in the water. No life jackets or puddle jumpers during lessons. If your child typically swims with one of these, they should start in this class.Β 
Skills focus: Bubbles, face in the water, monkey crawl, bobs, jumping, exiting the pool independently, lay on back with assistance.
Extra Credit: Opening eyes underwater
Required to pass: Blow bubbles, put entire head under the water, face in the water does not create discomfort, monkey crawl, exit pool independently, and lay on back with assistance.

Bubbles 2: No fear but can’t swim! Ages 4 through 6 years

This class focuses on getting “off the bottom” of the pool. Swimmers MUST be able to put their entire faces in the water with comfort prior entering this class. May use goggles but no masks πŸ™‚
Skills focus: Same as Bubbles 1, adding front float with assistance, front glide, kicking, and back floats (5 seconds).
Extra Credit: Jump in and back float
Required to pass: Back float without assistance (5 seconds), front glide without assistance followed by an immediate back float.

Bubbles 3: Ages 4 through 6 years

Skills focus: Same as Bubbles 2, adding independent front float 5 seconds, basic freestyle and backstroke arm movements, jumping in followed by a back float.
Extra Credit: Reach or Throw Don’t Go
Required to pass: Independently float front and back for 5 seconds each without assistance in deep water.

Bubbles (4): Ages 5 through 7 years

Skills focus: Rotary breathing, backward arm movement, elementary backstroke, dolphin kick, and beginning treading.
Extra Credit: Sitting dive (facility specific)
Required to pass: Be able to swim freestyle with rudimentary rotary breathing 15 yards, backstroke or elementary backstroke 10 yards, and dolphin kick with a kickboard 10 yards.Β 

Bubbles (5): Ages 6 and over

Skills focus: Freestyle rotary breathing, backstroke shoulder rotation, treading water, elementary backstroke, butterfly, beginning breaststroke
Extra Credit: Standing dive and somersaults with correct form
Required to pass: Tread 30 seconds using any kick, swim freestyle 15 yards with rotary breathing, backstroke 15 yards, elementary backstroke 25 yards, butterfly 10 yards.

Bubbles (6): Ages 6 through 11 years

Skills focus: Butterfly timing, breaststroke, flip turns (freestyle and backstroke)
Extra Credit: Underwater pull outs for breaststroke
Required to Pass: Students who are successful in completing these skills may move to the next appropriate level based on their age and abilities or may consider swim team/swim team prep.

Swim Team Prep: Ages 7 through 17

Focusing on elements of swimming as a team. This includes learning to swim “sets”, correct style turns without prompting, circle swimming, and more.

Adults: Ages 18-100

Private lessons customized to the individual’s needs.

Our current record for “oldest” customer learning to swim is 74. It is truly never too late! You CAN swim and we can help you! **Also, age is just a number!**

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