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We are an independent swim program specializing in customizing lessons based on individual needs by focusing on Safety, Stroke Development, and Open Water Swimming

4/14/21 Update:

Dear TC Mermaid community;

WOW, what an unexpected few weeks it’s been! Winter lessons are full, and summer lessons are flying off the shelves! I am working diligently to contact clients from 2020 (especially those that did not get to swim) to get on our 2021 schedule. I also have a lot of new requests and I am trying to get to those too. My goal is to get as many kiddos in the water as is humanly possible….so bear with me as I work on scheduling. I am also working to bring more instructors into the fold, so stay tuned on that end. 
Summer lessons will begin roughly late May to early June. We have to wait for good weather and warm water (no one likes a cold pool!). Also, keep an eye on the FB page for some summer event announcements!
Questions? Read our Information page to see if there’s answers for you 🙂 
Whitney Miller
Owner, TC Mermaid LLC

Mermaid Whitney (Owner) in her element, even in March!

Cost: $25 per 30 minute lesson*. Cash, check, or Venmo (TCMermaid231)

Summer 2021 will start after Memorial Day, weather and school permitting.

*Does not reflect pool fee for winter lessons*


Winter 2021 @ Grand Stay Hotel* Monday Tuesday Thursday
11:30am Cartwright Robinson, S. Horton, R.
12:00pm Mattis Voice Callovi
12:30pm Porter, C. & L. *Reserved* *Reserved*
1:00pm Porter, C. & L. N/A N/A

*N/A= Not Applicable

Summer 2021 Monday- Old Mission Peninsula Area Tuesday-Westside/TCM Pool Wednesday-Eastside/Acme Area Thursday- Westside/TCM Pool  
10:30 N/A N/A Corcoran N/A  
11:00 N/A N/A Corcoran N/A  
11:30 N/A N/A *Travel* N/A  
12:00 Canfield Heinz Eckler begins 6/16 Buchbaker/Wilson  
12:30 Canfield Porter, C. & L. Eckler Buchbaker/Wilson  
1:00 Canfield Porter, C. & L. Eckler Kladder  
1:30 Canfield Voice *Travel* Kladder  
2:00 *Travel* Lyon *begins 6/22 Callovi Grockau  
2:30 Livorine Hawley Callovi Break Time!  
3:00 Livorine Break time! Callovi *Little Squirts baby class*  
3:30 Livorine Little Squirts baby class!*FULL* Seiple Benvin  
4:00 Holst *begin 6/17 Kalchik Seiple Magnatta *begins 6/10  
4:30 N/A Kalchik N/A Hansen  
5:00 N/A Horton, R. & P. N/A Robinson, T. & W.  

*N/A= Not Applicable

  Friday Liv Arbors
12:00 Lemcool, M.
12:30 Wentzlof
1:00 *Residents only
1:30 *Residents only
2:00 *Residents only
2:30 *Residents only
3:00 Shafer
3:30 Ronk
4:00 Edmonson
4:30 Little Squirts baby class!

Meet Miss Elizabeth! Also known as Ms. Liz, she is most at home in the water, which is why she is excited to join the TC Mermaid Team! She started teaching swim lessons 18 years ago and loves to help both kids and adults get more comfortable in the water. She has experience with stroke clinics, triathlete training, safety around water, special needs, and is also a certified swim instructor trainer. Ms. Liz will happily help anyone love the water as much as she does! 

Send an email ( to schedule soon!

Lessons begin roughly late may to early June (weather dependent)

Cost: $22/lesson. Cash, check, or Venmo preferred. 

N/A= Not Applicable

  Wednesday- TCM Pool Thursday- TCM Pool Saturday- TCM Pool
11:00 N/A N/A Little Squirts Baby Class *FULL*
11:30 N/A N/A Scott
12:00 N/A N/A Scott
5:00 *Reserved *Reserved N/A
5:30 *Reserved *Reserved N/A
6:00 *Reserved *Reserved N/A

Meet Miss Carissa!

Miss Carissa worked at the Y as a swim instructor for 2 years, and simultaneously as a lifeguard for 3 years, and she is on her 2nd season with TC Mermaid. She first learned true stroke techniques from Miss Whitney when she started at the Y, so she has a great foundation! She pushed herself to learn breaststroke kick, butterfly, and flip turns and loved to work on her deep water skills. Miss Carissa excels in teaching children ages 4-10 with the beginner to intermediate groups, and is honing her skills with the under 4 age group!

Send an email ( to schedule soon!

Lessons begin roughly late may to early June (weather dependent)

Cost: $17/lesson

N/A= Not Applicable/Closed

Summer 2021 Monday-TCM Pool Tuesday-Old Mission Wednesday-TCM Pool Thursday-Central TC
11:00 N/A Cameron N/A N/A
11:30 N/A *Travel* N/A N/A
12:00 Klingelsmith Valdmanis Nugent Bayshore Resort begins 5/27
12:30 Peterson Valdmanis Nugent Bayshore Resort
1:00 Peterson *Travel* Johnson, T. *Travel*
1:30 Hadd Semen begins 6/29 Henski Livorine
2:00 Garvey Nowak Henski Livorine
2:30 Garvey *Travel* Hamilton *Travel*
3:00 Pulice Bonner*TCM pool* Hamilton Martinez-Morgan *TCM pool*
3:30 O’Brien, D. & E. Bonner Bonner Browne
4:00 Straubel N/A N/A N/A
4:30 Straubel N/A N/A N/A
5:00 Cooper N/A N/A N/A

Meet Miss Natalia!

Miss Natalia has been swimming since she could walk, and her parents say she was a water baby. She competitively swam for 12 years and has been teaching swimming for 5 years. She’s taught in various locations including the YMCA, Old Mission Athletic Association, and even on private beaches. She has experience coaching the Y Breakers swim team, teaching groups of all ages, and doing private lessons. In addition, she also has extensive experience with special needs swimmers. She is currently in college working on her bachelors in Clinical Diagnostic Sciences. When she’s not studying, swimming is her happy place (especially in the blue water of East Bay). She loves to teach people how to swim and can’t wait to see you in the water soon! 

Send an email ( to schedule soon!

Lessons begin roughly late may to early June (weather dependent)

Cost: $22/lesson


*N/A= Not Applicable/Closed

Summer 2021 Tuesday-TCM Pool Thursday-TCM Pool
10:00 Mortier *On location* Mortier *On location*
  *Travel* *Travel*
11:30 Piedmonte Fronk
12:00 Buren Walsh
2:30 *break time* Mooney
3:00 Sutphen *break time*
3:30 Turek Whisner
4:00 Lee, D. Whisner
4:30 Hammond, C. Hoxie
5:00 Lawrin Glenn
5:30 Juett Blattner/Karsnick
6:00 Gardner N/A
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