Little Squirts

Ages 3 months through 4 years

*A parent or caregiver MUST be in the water with their child*Β 

This class is designed as an introductory class for parents/guardians and their children. Children MUST wear a swim diaper unless FULLY potty trained.
Skills focus: Getting in the water, bubbles, kicking, going under water, monkey crawls, climbing out, jumping in, glides, front floats, and back floats.
Extra Credit: This portion is exclusive to TC Mermaid! We help train parents to swim with and rescue their child in deep water. It encompasses all of the information covered in our Aquatic Safety for Parents & Caregivers course.Β 
Required to Pass: Potty trained, comfortable without a parent in the water, listens to directions.
Extra Information: We do not require vaccinations or vaccination information for any of our lessons but do ask that you make sure your child’s immune system is healthy, and that their skin can adapt to a chlorinated aquatic environment before starting this class. We want them to start healthy and stay healthy!

**If you have a child younger than 4 that is developmentally ready to be independent from Mom/Dad/Guardian and is capable of working with an instructor on a private lesson basis, please reach out via email to discuss options.Β 

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