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Building Courage, Strength, and Resiliency

TC Mermaid LLC is an independent swim program specializing in customizing lessons based on individual needs


4/26/2023: Lessons are now offered in Bath, NC as I have moved! We are starting our first ISR Self-RescueTM lessons on May 22. If you’d like to come down to the “Inner Banks” of NC, give me a shout! 

Whitney Miller
Owner, TC Mermaid LLC


ANYONE!!  I believe in getting people in the water, no matter what! Ages 6 months through 6 years have the privilege of ISR lessons. Those over 6 can either do ISR or stroke development lessons. 

**Teens and Adults can swim too! I love to teach adults, so YES, YOU CAN!!!


Option 1: Beaufort County, NC. Specifically in the Bayview area of Bath.

Option 2: I am unique in that I can come to YOU!  I am independently insured for any pool. There is a 2 hour minimum for in-home lessons. 


Beginning May 22, 2023!

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