ISR Self-Rescue Lessons (ages 6 mo – 6 yrs)

Did you know that drowning is a leading cause of death in children? (Source

ISRTM (Infant Swimming Resource) is the global leader in survival swimming lessons for infants and young children
ages 6 months- 6 years.

While they may seem fun and stimulating for your baby, after 20 years of teaching “traditional” swimming lessons for children under 6, I have learned that they can lead children to have a false sense of security around water. Things like blowing bubbles are fun skills to practice, but they will not help your child in an aquatic emergency.

Next Session: June 24 – August 16

Lesson Structure

ISR’s unique results are achieved through fully customized, safe and effective, one-on-one lessons with only your child and the Instructor in the water. 

Lessons are held DAILY (Monday through Friday) at the same time every day. The average student takes approximately 6-8 weeks to become fully skilled. I ask that you schedule 8 weeks on your calendar in case of illness, weather events, etc. We don't want to feel rushed!


Registration Fee

There is a registration fee of $105, which is remitted to ISR. This fee covers our amazing team of nurses and trainers that keep your children's safety as our top priority. As your child grows, they will need to re-register every 6 months.

New Swimmers

$600. Covers all of your lessons up to the 8 week mark (remember, it's not unusual to have illnesses or weather events that take us past the 6 week mark).

Refresher Sessions

$200. Covers ten lessons in a two week time frame. Recommended every 4-6 months.

Maintenance Lessons

An alternative to Refresher Sessions. Once per month at a minimum, ideally once every two weeks. $15/lesson.


What will my child learn?

What your child will learn, and the way he or she will learn it, is what makes ISR so different from traditional swimming lessons. Always putting safety first, ISR emphasizes competence, which leads to confidence, and provides the foundation for a lifetime of enjoyment in and around the water.

Rollback to Float

Infants + Young Toddlers will learn the ISR Self-Rescue skill of rolling onto their backs to float, rest and breathe. They learn to maintain this position until help arrives.


When an instructor deems a child developmentally ready, they will learn the full ISR Self-Rescue sequence in the water. They will practice swimming until they need air, rolling onto the back to float, then rolling back over to continue swimming. ISR students are taught to repeat this sequence until they reach safety.

Maintenance & Refresher

Students who have been previously skilled in ISR will be offered Maintenance & Refresher opportunities to maintain their skills and confidence throughout the year. Maintenance lessons are suggested 1-2x per month with Refreshers taking place every 6 months, parents should work with their instructor to determine a schedule that is best for their child

Want your child in ISR but need financial assistance? Visit this website for information.

Visit the ISR website:

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