Swim Lessons for Ages 6-99

Focusing on Safety, Stroke Development, and Open Water Swimming

TC Mermaid LLC is an independent swim program specializing in customizing lessons based on individual needs through private lessons.

After a child is fully skilled in ISR, I follow a skills guideline developed over several decades through collaborative efforts. This is used as a general guideline but I often customize each swimmer’s lessons based on individual needs. This guideline is also used as a general progression for adults. Many thanks to Amanda Colyer, Elizabeth Ashwill, Carissa Eitzen, Natalia Chela, and all coaches/instructors past and present for their assistance in creating this.

My current record for “oldest” customer learning to swim is 74. It is truly never too late! You CAN swim and I can help you!

Children MUST be able to self-rescue prior to moving on to any of these skills

  • Floats & Breathing: Back float, front float, rhythmic breathing, calmness in the water, understanding movement in the water.
  • Streamlines: Streamlines on the front and back, as well as on top of and below the water’s surface
  • Freestyle: Freestyle with rudimentary rotary breathing, followed by increased perfection in technique and breathing using various drills
  • Elementary Backstroke: Maintaining a relaxed posture with this resting/self-rescue stroke
  • Backstroke: Arm movements, 6-beat kick, and hip position. 
  • Butterfly: Dolphin kick, timing of the breath, followed by proper arm movement.
  • Treading & Alternative Kicking: Using sculling wrist movement, learn various kicks such as scissor and egg beater
  • Breaststroke: Learning the kick with and without a kickboard, emphasizing a stable hip position. Learning timing and “short hands” for arm movements
  • Flip Turns: Beginning with somersaults using the correct hand/arm position, followed by adding pushoffs and breakouts
  • Diving: Beginning with sitting dive, and progressing to standing. Also includes surface dives.
  • Swim Team Prep: Focusing on elements of swimming as a team. This includes learning to swim “sets”, correct style turns without prompting, circle swimming, and more.


$25 per 30 minute lesson
$15 for 15 minute lesson


I recommend one to two 30 minute swims per week


Next openings begin February 12 between 1PM-4PM AND 6PM-7PM. Please email tcmermaid231@gmail.com

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