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Building Courage, Strength, and Resiliency

This year due to COVID-19 restrictions, lessons are going to look a little different than usual.  Locations will be Long Lake, Cedar Lake, East Bay Park and “On Location” (meaning We travel to YOU!). Please note that any travel outside of 10 miles from Traverse City will incur a $10 additional travel fee.

Lessons will run mid June (per the weather) through the week before Labor Day. Once you’ve selected a day/time slot, it’s yours until the end of summer! 

This is going to be a unique and wonderful opportunity to learn some open water safety techniques as well as swimming in open water. Lessons are available for kids as well as adults-so call/text/email soon before it’s too late! 

**At this time we are experiencing an unprecedented amount of requests for lessons. Please be patient with us as we add more personnel and available time slots. Lesson times are on a first come, first serve basis and we are working to get to everyone as soon as we can!**

Below is the schedule for 2020 summer lessons with Mermaid Whitney. Cost: $25 per 30 minute lesson

  Monday-Cedar Lake Tuesday-Cedar Lake Wednesday-On Location Thursday-On Location
1:30pm Booked-Robinson Closed Booked-Valdmanis Closed
2:00pm Booked-Robinson Closed Booked-Valdmanis Closed
2:30pm Booked-McNulty Closed Booked-Valdmanis Closed
3:00pm Booked-Kladder Booked-Kalchik Closed-Travel Booked-Heather
3:30pm Booked-Kladder Booked-Kalchik Booked-Callovi Booked-Heather
4:00pm Booked-Benvin Booked-Kalchik Booked-Callovi Booked-Heather
4:30pm Booked-Roan Booked-Horton Booked-Callovi Closed-Travel
5:00pm Booked-Roan Booked-Edmonson Closed-Travel Booked-McDonald 
5:30pm Booked-Hochstetler Booked-S. O’Brien Booked-Holst Booked-Johnson 
6:00pm Closed Closed Booked-Holst Closed


  Fridays-On Location
12:00pm Booked-Canfield
12:30pm Booked-Canfield
1:00pm Booked-Canfield
1:30pm Closed-Travel
2:00pm Booked-N. O’Brien
2:30pm Booked-Keller
3:00pm Travel
3:30pm Booked-Wentzloff


New for 2020 – new instructors! In the interest of getting every client time in the water, I have decided to hire additional instructors. These people come vetted and recommended by Mermaid Whitney, and are fully insured. Stay tuned for scheduling availability with these new faces!

Miss Kat Bembeneck

Meet Miss Kat! Kat worked at the Y for 2 years as a lifeguard and swim instructor, as well as 2 years at Great Wolf Lodge. She also previously held an American Red Cross WSI certification.  Throughout her time at the Y, she pushed herself to learn the more complicated strokes such as butterfly, and was eager to learn more. She continued to expand her repertoire while working at Munson, which is why she is going to be such an asset to TC Mermaid. She never stops learning and LOVES to teach!

Miss Kat excels in teaching side stroke, backstroke, and breaststroke with kids aged 6 years to adult. Send an email ( to schedule soon!

Cost: $15/lesson

  Mondays- On Location
11:30am Booked-Nowak
12:00pm Booked-Nowak
12:30pm  Booked-Cotton @ Pinestead
1:00pm  Booked-Pancoast @ Pinestead
1:30pm  Booked-Cotton @ Pinestead
2:00pm  Travel
2:30pm Booked-Overla @ Gilbert Park @ Long Lake


  Friday-Gilbert Park @Long Lake
3:30pm Booked-Rademacher
4:00pm Booked-Detrio
4:30pm Booked-Detrio
5:00pm Open
5:30pm Open
  Saturday-Green Lake
12:00pm Booked-Lutz
12:30pm Booked-Lutz
1:00pm Booked-Lutz
1:30pm Booked-Brown

Meet Miss Carissa!

Miss Carissa worked at the Y as a swim instructor for 2 years, and simultaneously as a lifeguard for 3 years. She first learned true stroke techniques from Miss Whitney when she started at the Y, so she has a great foundation! She pushed herself to learn breaststroke kick, butterfly, and flip turns and loved to work on her deep water skills. Miss Carissa excels in teaching children ages 4-10 of any skill level.

Send an email ( to schedule soon!

Cost: $15/lesson

  Monday-On Location and Taylor Park @ Long Lake Tuesday-Taylor Park @ Long Lake Thursdays- Taylor Park @ Long Lake Saturday-Taylor Park @ Long Lake
11:30am Booked-Nowak-Tipsword Closed Closed Closed
12:oopm Booked-Nowak-Tipsword Closed Booked-Henski Booked-Bonner
12:30pm Travel Closed Booked-Henski Booked-Bonner
1:00pm Booked-Billette Closed Open Open
1:30pm Booked-Billette Booked-Hadd Booked-Wilson Open
2:00pm Booked-Billette Booked-Bomboske Booked-Strudel  Open
2:30pm Travel Booked-Bomboske Booked-Strudel Open
3:00pm Booked-Amanda S. Booked-Nugent  Booked-Overla Open
3:30pm Booked-Amanda S. Booked-Nugent Open Open
4:00pm Closed Booked-Morrison 

Booked-Griebel*Begins July 23

4:30pm Closed Closed



Meet Miss Elizabeth! Also known as Ms. Liz, she is most at home in the water, which is why she is excited to join the TC Mermaid Team! She started teaching swim lessons 18 years ago and loves to help both kids and adults get more comfortable in the water. She has experience with stroke clinics, triathlete training, safety around water, and is also a certified swim instructor trainer. Ms. Liz will happily help anyone love the water as much as she does! 

Send an email ( to schedule soon!

Cost: $20/lesson

  Tuesdays- On Location Thursday- On Location
3:30 Booked-Childs Booked-Scott@Cedar Lake
4:00 Booked-Childs Booked-Scott@Cedar Lake
4:30 Travel Travel
5:00 Booked-Rich Closed
5:30 Booked-Miller Closed
6:00 Booked-Miller Closed

Newest to TC Mermaid: Miss Erin!

Miss Erin has been working at the Y for 2 years as a lifeguard and swim instructor, and also works at the Country Club in the summer as a lifeguard. She excels at teaching the “littles” (5 and under) but can teach any age, and is an absolute blast in the water! 

Send an email ( to schedule soon!

Cost: $15/lesson

  Mondays-East Bay Park Wednesdays-East Bay Park Fridays-East Bay Park
3:00 Booked-Sarber Closed Booked-Fredette
3:30 Booked-Hathaway Booked-Perthes Open
4:00 Booked-Brick Booked-Brick Open
4:30 Booked-Brick Booked-Brick Booked-J. Johnson
5:00 Booked-Dickinson*Begins July 13 Open Booked-Baker
5:30 Booked-Dickinson Booked-L. Johnson *begins 7/15 Booked-Baker
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