Swim like a Mermaid!

Do you dream of being a Mermaid? Learn the skills needed to propel yourself through your inner imagination and transform in to a mermaid (gills not included).

No special equipment is needed: we supply the “fins and skins” to use and you bring your smiles, goggles, suit, and towel. 

Mermaid tails are for those ages 6 and over who can complete the minimum swim requirements, and YES that includes adults!

Serving a 15 mile radius of Traverse City. Call for rates outside the area.

Winter Schedule

January 19th 2020, 4pm-5pm at Civic Center. GLOW party!

No February mermaid.

Regular pricing is $20 per swimmer, ages 6+, MUST meet the minimum swim requirements.

Space is limited, call or email today to reserve your tail!

TC Mermaid, LLC is an authorized reseller of FinFun products. Retail fins will be available for order at this event

Always be yourself! Unless you can be a Mermaid, then always be a Mermaid!
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